Greetings from Victor & Soheila! – As the owners of San Diego County's most highly respected in-home senior care agency, my wife and I have witnessed poor care at costly facilities. Our passion has been to find every alternative to provide seniors with a safe and caring non-stressful atmosphere during the day to enjoy their golden years. The Angel House is the result.

Outstanding adult day care begins with a dedication to meeting the individual needs of your loved one. Our professional day care Caregivers foster a warm, welcoming and well-supervised environment with our Angel House touches to create a personal connection. These Angel House touches include programs and activities to celebrate independence while nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

Each day, the staff at the Angel House takes a moment to remember their promise: To give the best of themselves to the remarkable people they serve. It’s something that makes our adult day care service extraordinary. Everyone has a purposeful life to lead—we want to support your loved ones in doing so.

As the proud owners of the Angel House adult day care center, we can provide a “home-away from home” for your loved ones who are looking for a fun place to socialize, relax, feel secure, and maintain a sense of independence.

In addition to our quality in-home senior care agency, we are delighted that we are now able to offer yet another quality service and experience for the Senior residents of San Diego County - ​‘Angel House’

Victor & Soheila